Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our trip with the kids

Hey Amigos!
Our plan was to wait to post again until we were back in San Jose after traveling to several different areas in CR with Brent and Melynda.
It seems, however, there are too many pictures and experiences to include in just one post.
We will start with our one day trip to San Gerardo De Dota with the intent to venture into the cloud forest in search of birds with Brents new binoculars.
To set the scene for the following videos, we were delighted that the GPS on Brent's phone could actually find where we were and keep us on course.........we thought.
It seems we got a little off course, but Google maps found us an alternate route.
I cannot even do justice trying to describe the road on which we found ourselves traveling but thank the Lord for 4 wheel drive! 
Meanwhile, the GPS continued to tell us we were right on the alternate course.
The following video clips that Melynda took do a better job telling the story of this trip.............
By the way, we did finally reach our destination, but the visit was cut short by the rains of the day.
And we are relieved to report that we did get back to San Jose by way of the "road more traveled."

more to come shortly.....................

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