Thursday, November 17, 2011

Buenas Dias from Costa Rica

We made a promise to family, friends and acquaintances that we would try to document and share our experiences for the six months we are in Costa Rica. goes. Hopefully we can keep some consistency.

We arrived in San Jose Costa Rica one week ago last night. After a wonderful going away party with friends including tearful and emotional goodbyes, we headed to the airport to begin our exciting and long awaited adventure. Thanks to our dear friends, we departed Salisbury feeling loved and appreciated.
We were thankful for an uneventful flight, no issues with customs and a fairly calm taxi ride to the Costa Rica Hotel for our first night here.

But the real fun began the next morning when Dick, a former Salisburian, (now Costa Rica resident)  and  Rafa, a native Costa Rican  (aka landlords, friends and guardian angels) walked from what was soon to be our new  temporary home in San Jose to meet us.
First order of the day was to a get our 4 large trunks back to our apartment. It was only 4 blocks away but involved  revolving taxi trips--we walked--the trunks rode in the taxi!

That day began the whirlwind of sights sounds and tastes of San Jose including bus trips (no car),a commuter train trip, many many walking tours through the downtown area of San Jose, lots of wonderful Costa Rica coffee (and food) and even attended  Rafas Tico family celebration.

It seems so far, every time we wonder out with out Dick and or Rafa we do spend a little of the time lost (shhhh don't tell Michael because he doesn't think we were lost!)

One of our favorite things so far is the fresh fruit and vegetables from the street vendors and markets...yesterday we found that prices can vary alot from place to place . For example a pineapple from under $1.00 to $2.50. And, by the way--the pineapple was really really good!

Tuesday we were downtown trying to prove we could do some stuff by ourselves. We were having a late lunch in a little bar/restaurant/cafe where a tv was showing the Costa Rica vs Spain futbol match (game?). Futbaol does happen to the passion of Costa Rica. All of a sudden, there was this kind of rumble (earthquake???) coming from out on the street and people began to stop and look in the windows and doors of the cafe... What had happened was Costa Rica had just scored the first goal of the game (match?) Horns were honking, people cheering..........our first experience with the passion of Costa Rica.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to our daughter and son in law from Denver coming to visit  for a bit then we will all spend Thanksgiving at the beach in Punarenus. More after that trip...


  1. Hey - SO good to hear from you and see the pics! Looks warm and sunny-weird weather here so enjoy CR. Can't figure out how to call you - send me a tutorial on email. Still getting mail in the box.

  2. Hi Guys!
    Wishing you all the best on your journey in CR. I'll monitor your blog to see what's happnin!

  3. Waiting for some more posts. How was thanksgiving?

  4. Happy New Year and welcome back :)