Thursday, April 5, 2012


We could not resist posting a few photos we took a week ago on yet another wonderful family beach trip...we are soooo lucky!
Jennifer, Doug and Brandon came to visit Costa Rica for the first time.

It was an amazing week at the Rui Resort in Guanacaste spent relaxing, and enjoying fun in the sun and water...oh, and great food every day and night.

There was also a zipline adventure....deep sea fishing....crocodile hunting....oh wait..maybe that is a slight exaggeration. Maybe it was really a ride through the backroads, then a relaxed riverboat trip in ..... yes, crocodile infested waters (also including viewing exotic birds, iguanas and howler monkeys--it was  Disneyland only real.

Michael and I skipped the zip line trip (too calm for us--ha ha) but we got a good account of the day from the brave ones who participated.

What I need to say about the fishing is that if you happen run into Michael this summer, be prepared for his deep sea fishing tales. Stories that most assuredly will grow and grow from the "for real" really big fish to who knows what.... Let's just say that his first deep sea fishing experience will be hard to ever top. ( Thanks Doug!) And dinner cooked by the resort chef that night was amazing. (too bad we didn't take pictures before we started eating!)

A really good time was had by all....

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